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Dinner Menu


The concept of Balinese communal dining Traditionally, Balinese enjoy sharing food from a common platter or a banana leaf during family celebrations. Family members and invitees sit cross-legged around the food platter and help themselves with their right hand, scooping a mixture of food onto a banana leaf or eating straight off the platters. This communal way of eating is called megibung.

Our Executive Chef Putu Yudana and his team have created a wide variety of dishes from Continental, Indonesian and Asian cuisines for you to enjoy informally with your family and friends. If there is a particular menu that you would like but isn’t on our list, please ask our friendly staff and we will be happy to prepare it for you!

Indonesian and Asian Selection Small Regular


Sop Bendega – Indonesian seafood soup 58
Lumpia – crispy vegetable spring rolls  36 54
Gado-Gado – poached vegetables served with warm peanut sauce  36 52

Seafood specialities

Fish in fragrant Malabar sauce, cucumber salad 110
Udang Belado – braised king prawns in red chilli sauce  180
Grilled Tuna steak with yellow spice paste  105
Grilled Snapper fillet with dabu-dabu sauce 100
Ikan Pepes Kemangi – aromatic steamed fish in banana leaf 95


Thai spicy red chicken curry  105
Kare Ayam – a mildly spiced Balinese chicken curry 105
Chicken with teriyaki sauce 115
Ayam Taliwang, boneless chicken marinated in tangy spices  105
Bebek Betutu – slow steamed duck in banana leave 130
Chicken and pork satay with peanut sauce  100
Seafood and meats are served with steamed white and red rice

Side orders

Sayur Hijau – Stir fried bok choy in oyster sauce  28 38
Sayur Urap – Balinese poached vegetables with grated coconut  25 32
Cap Cai – stir fried mixed vegetables in oyster sauce  28 38
Jukut Buncis – stir fried string beans  25 32
Sayur Asam – braised spinach and young corn  25 32
Nasi Kuning – steamed turmeric rice  26
Stir fried rice, diced vegetables 32
Stir fried noodles, sliced vegetables 32

Continental Selection

Soups and salads

Chilled Tomato and Basil Soup, olive oil 56
Potato and Leek Soup, garlic croutons 56
 Chef’s Salad, warm seafood, mustard vinaigrette 55 75

Catch of the day

Pan Seared Mahi Mahi, mashed potatoes, broccoli tempura, carrot mousseline 125
Pan Fried Barramundi, roasted baby potatoes, bok choy, broccoli puree 132


Australian Beef Steak – purple potato gratin, carrot comfit, natural jus 240
Honey Glazed Duck Breast – root vegetables, herbs lettuce 175


Penne, spaghetti or fusilli pasta, bolognaise or seafood marinara sauce 90
Seafood Gnocchi,-tomato concase, prawn, marlin, calamari 105
Eggplant and capsicum lasagne – bolognaise, béchamel, grill vegetables 100

Vegetarian choices

Hand Rolled Gnocchi, eggplant, zucchini, capsicum  55 78
Broccoli Gratin- tomato concasse, béchamel, parmesan cheese  55 78
Grilled vegetable lasagne- tomato concasse, béchamel, parmesan cheese  60 85


Orange, mango or coconut soufflé (please allow 25 minutes) 68
Apple Tart, honey melon, tangerine syrup 55
Lemon Delicious, vanilla ice cream 62
Warm Chocolate Moellaux, almond sauce, vanilla ice cream (please allow 15 minutes) 70
Ginger and Vanilla Crème Brulee, tamarillo compote 55
Seasonal Fruit Tart, strawberry ice cream 49
Indonesian Sampler, black rice pudding, poached tomato, coconut crepes 52
Fresh Tropical Fruit Salad, cinnamon syrup, your choice of ice cream 48
Premium Ice Cream Cup, choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate per scoop 22

 – contains pork – vegetarian dishes Chilli– spicy / hot
All prices are in thousand Indonesian rupiah and subject to 21% service charge and government tax